There’s feeling in every inch of Hollan‘s latest tune, “I’ve Been Alone.” Anna Manotti (aka Hollan) is an artist from central Pennsylvania whose music speaks in volumes gently. - Swell Tone (Portland, Oregon Music Blog), "I've Been Alone" single review September, 2020

The weight of communicating my emotional connection to the music of Anna Manotti AKA Hollan hangs heavy. It’s music that consumes me whole... - Secret Meeting (UK music blog), "I've Been Alone" single review September, 2020

Anna Manotti’s (Hollan) vocal could’ve come from any era, its deep reverence subsuming you whole, whilst her songs sound as if they’d sprung from the soil, the early recordings of Adrianne Lenker whirring round my mind. 

- Balloon Machine (UK music blog), "Wild Man" single review March, 2020

"A writer capable of inciting emotion from even the most stony-faced."

- Balloon Machine (UK music blog), EP Review October, 2019

"Mit ihrer Gitarre, ihrer angenehmen Stimme und ihren ruhigen Songs, eigenen sowie fremden wie beispielsweise Hallelujah von Leonard Cohen schuf sie einen entspannten Einstieg in den Abend."

English Translation: With her guitar, pleasant voice and calming songs from Leonard Cohen, for example, as well as her own, she created a relaxing start to the evening.

- Main Post (German Newspaper), Rock Open Air Lohr

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